Practice News

10th May

Ear "syringing"

Up until now we have been providing the ear "syringing" to our registered patients, outside of our NHS GP contract, as we recognise the problems that wax build up can cause.  it is with sadness and regret that we can no longer continue this service, for the following reasons:

The workload in Primary Care is at an all-time high and we need to focus our staff resources and funding on our core contractual services.  As mentioned above ear syringing does not form part of this contract.

Ear Syringing is no longer recommended as a first line treatment for blocked ears.  Ear irrigation has the potential to cause harm to patients and there are other ways of removing wax, such as a procedure called "microsuction".

There are many local private services which provide ear hygeine procedures, but as these are not NHS providers we will not be able to offer referral recommendation.

As your GP surgery we will continue to consult about ear problems and will continue to diagnose and advise over such issues, but we will not be able to offer routine ear syringing.


Advice and guidance on ear wax can be found here: