Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

GPs operate as independent professionals and as such are entitled to make a charge for work which falls outside the work which the government contracts them to do for the NHS.

In general private medicals, and a variety of paperwork including private sick notes, insurance forms etc are not paid for by the NHS, and so will carry a doctor's fee.

This will sometimes be reimbursed by the organisation which requested the report, and other times the patient will be liable. You will be advised of any fees incurred prior to any non-NHS work being carried out.

Our current charges are set out below. Please note that these are all less than the BMA recommended fees. The charges may be subject to change without notice, and may vary according to the amount of work involved.



Private Sick Note


Private Medical examinations

£70.00 - £150.00

Full  medical examination and report - Includes HGV / Taxi Examination

£70.00 - £150

Letters prepared from medical records


Any simple private form or certificate eg: insurance claim forms


Report prepared from Medical Records


Copies/printouts of records per A4 sheet

Access fee £10 and then £0.35 per A4 sheet

Non-NHS vaccines eg: rabies, meningitis C (travel) Hepatitis B (non -NHS)

Cost of injection (paid to chemist), + £15 injection administration charge

Private consultation eg: overseas visitors

£20.00 (Minimum) may be charged depending on complexity

Holiday cancellation certificates - Including written conformation


Vaccination certificate


Driving licence countersignature


Fitness to travel (with examination)

£70.00 - £150.00

Fitness to travel (Certificate only)